Thursday, June 2, 2011

Product Review: Vit C Toner Tab from LUSH

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I came across these Toner Tabs in LUSH a couple of weeks ago and decided to buy a few. I've read some great reviews of them and I wanted to try them out for myself!

I decided to try the Vit C Toner Tab first. I bought 3 different kinds, but I've been a little obsessed with the presence of some new fine lines on my face and I've always heard that vitamin C is a real wrinkle killer so this is the first one I chose.

Basically, you take this little tab, which cost less than 1.00 and put it in a bowl. Then pour boiling water over it, cover your head with a towel and let the steam begin! I loved it! It's like having a spa treatment at home! My pores look lovely afterwards, not that they can ever look lovely, but they're cleaner and visably reduced in size! Also, as with most LUSH products, it smells amazing! I enjoyed the steam for about 20 minutes. I probably could've gotten at least 10 minutes more, but 20 was enough for me. Afterwards, I toned my face with Eau Roma Water Toner and moisturized with Celestial, both by LUSH as well.

One of the reviews I read on this product said that you can keep the water and put it in a spray bottle once it cools for a refreshing face mist or to use as a toner. This is something I will definitely try at some point.

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  1. What a great review! I love Lush but I've never seen these Toner Tabs. Now I totally want to try them out!


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