Thursday, June 23, 2011

Shopping Haul

I did a little damage to my Visa at the sales yesterday and I have to say, I'm quite happy with what I found at practically miniscule prices!

I hit up Gap, which I'm not always a fan of, but Gap Body makes my 2nd favorite underwear (my first being Hanky Panky of course) and they had a sale, so I stocked up! If you've never tried Gap Body underwear, I highly recommend it! It's really soft, comfortable, cute and it lasts FOREVER!!!

I also picked up these two lace trimmed tanks at Gap, which are great for layering under a sweater in the winter or a cardigan any time. I would even sleep or lounge around in these as well because they're so soft! The green one is a mint green color, so not really sure why it photographed looking olive...

This is the softest hoodie on the planet! It's not quite sweater knit, but it's not t-shirt material either... not sure how to describe it, but it's a gorgeous bright coral color, super soft and snuggly and it's not at all bulky so it's great for the weather in London right now. It's also from Gap.

And finally, you can never have too many striped tops! I snagged this navy & white striped tank from Gap as well. I plan to layer it under a coral cardigan I got a while back, but it would also look great with a navy, yellow or red cardigan.

At River Island I found these great flared jeans! They are super soft and really comfortable and perfect for this year's boho trend! I can wait to wear these with a great pair of platform pumps or wedges!

I hit up TK Maxx (the UK version of TJ Maxx) looking for bags. If you follow me on Twitter, then you probably know that I'm starting a new job on Monday. When I'm working in a city, it's essential that I have some serious baggage! I won't be taking a car like I did in Cayman so I need to be able to carry everything I need when I leave in the morning from shoes to a wardrobe change for after work drinks or dinner! So I like big bags! This beauty by Edna Ronay with a snakeskin type exterior and a cute patent bow is perfect and suits my style to a tee!

When I'm shopping for bags, lining is important. I don't know why, it's just my thing. If I don't like the lining, I won't buy it. It's one of the reasons why I love Coach bags so much! They have the most lush linings!

This bag comes with a shoulder strap which is really convenient for versatile carrying options, has a padded zipper compartment for my laptop should I need to tote it around and has plenty of pockets and compartments so I can be organized!

I needed a brown work bag option as well because even though I don't believe it's necessary to match your handbag to your shoes, I do think your bag should compliment your ensemble and a black bag won't always cut it. I love the dark leather on this Fossil bag and it will also look great with boho looks in the Fall!

This bag also has nice lining. Very important!

Organizationally speaking, this bag is my favorite of the two. It also has a padded zipper compartment for a laptop and it's a little bigger inside than the black one! I can't wait to carry this bag and I have no doubt that I'll be able to fit everything I need for the day inside! It's the perfect work bag!

I absolutely love the summer sales! Have you scored anything great from the sale rack recently?

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  1. Love the striped tank! So cute with gold jewelry, yes?

  2. love the striped tank! May be making a trip to Gap today!

  3. Love the striped tank, I just did a monumental post dedicated to my love of stripes ( Gap body is really great, I just stopped working for Gap, but even without the huge discount they definitely converted me from a Victoria's Secret if only their bras came above a 34C. You're right though, Hanky Panky is still queen, but sometimes you want 5 pairs for 25 instead of one.

  4. I want the fossil bag! so cute!


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