Thursday, July 7, 2011

Back to Black

Well, the weather cooled down again and I reverted to old habits, dressing all in black! But my outfit was just warm enough, dressy enough and super comfortable, the only things that really mattered to me today!

With the wind blowing and time flying, I went for a trusty ponytail... what can I say, I was tired.

I did give my look a bit of punch by keeping my red nails and wearing some turquoise jewellery! I never cared much for red nails before, but I'm really loving them lately, especially this colour! I think red nails looked a bit 80's and dated for a while. People used to wear red nails all the time with everything. I don't care for that. But red nails look great with yellow, black, turquoise, navy and white ensembles!
This is the detail on my cardigan. It has lace running down the front and I love it! I'm always looking for an interesting cardigan, especially since they seem to be year round staples here in London for the fickle weather!

Esprit Black Babydoll Dress
Esprit Lace Detail Black Cardigan
DKNY Black Tights
Nine West Black Buckle Wedges
Accessorize Earrings
Primark Turquoise Cocktail Ring
Nails: Barry M Bright Red

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  1. Okay, I am absolutely in love with the red nail + turquoise cocktail ring combo. It looks SO chic! By the way, you are so lucky that you look great in your glasses!

  2. I wear black all the time too! I actually had a co-worker hug me this year when I was wearing an outfit that contained no black. It was pretty amusing :).
    Cardigans are my favorite. I'm always on the lookout for ones with interesting details.


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