Monday, July 11, 2011

What to Wear for a London Summer Vacation

Manda from My Favorite Things asked this question:

"Love the blue! I'm a new follower and am loving your blog! What's the weather like over there? My Europe trip starts in a little over a week, and we're beginning our travels in London. Any tips on what I should pack for my London wardrobe?"

Well Manda, the one thing I would say about London summers is that the weather sure is fickle! As you can see in the photo above, I'm regularly still wearing cardigans and tights, but I've also been wearing shorts and sandals. It's a guess every morning and I've come to rely on weather reports, something I never did before.

While it's totally acceptable to wear jeans in most places I'm going to assume that you may be doing some sightseeing by day and perhaps going for dinner or seeing a West End show by night. My biggest pieces of advice for what to pack are the following:

1. Bring an umbrella that folds up and fits into your bag.
2. Bring a reasonably fashionable tote style bag to hold all you'll need for the day.
3. Think about light layering so that if it's warm, you can hold off and if not, layer up!
4.Consider day to night options as they mean packing less and will be easiest!
5. Don't forget your sunnies!
6. Bring comfy shoes! I love flats!

This outfit is similar to what I might wear fairly regularly. I usually buy dresses or skirts that I can wear alone in the heat or pair with a cardigan and tights for the cold.

I hope this helps Manda and that you have a fabulous time in Europe!!!

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  1. Great advice. Thanks! I'm loving London : )


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