Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Work Wear Essentials

@JordanWolk asked me on Twitter recently:

"What do you @PinkJulep feel is the most important work wear garment to add to your closet this season?"

In my opinion, the most valuable thing you could possibly have in your work wear arsenal is a good quality cardigan that is structured and interesting in design. As we move forward through the years, for many of us, jackets are less necessary most of the time and a cardigan can do the trick. Also, if you read my blog regularly, you know that I will often change up an outfit or take a summer dress into winter by adding a cardigan.

I think it's a great idea to have a number of cardigans in neutral colours such as black, grey, camel, brown and cream or white. I also love to buy the odd cardigan in a bright colour as well since it can add that special pop to a simple black dress or a bland pair of grey slacks.

Another important work essential for me is a good bag. It doesn't need to be necessarily expensive, though you want it to look good enough to take to meetings. For me, it needs to be big so I can put my shoes, lunch, ipod, a book and whatever else I need for the day into it. I also prefer one that I can fit a laptop into. In a perfect world, it is great to have a bunch of these massive bags in all different colours and patterns, but for necessity you can really do fine with just a black one and another in either brown, camel or nude.

Shoes are also important. A nice pair of pumps in black as well as a pair in brown, camel or nude are very important! You can work magic with a pair of good heels and someone once told me that if your shoes and bag are nice, no one will notice your frock. This is so true! You can wear a Forever 21 dress with a pair of nice shoes and a great bag and no one will ever know! I'm a huge fan of L.K. Bennett shoes now having recently bought a pair of black pumps from there.

Would love to hear, what are your must have work wear essentials?

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  1. I love using cardigans to layer at work! Definitely a staple when living in Florida and the temperature inside your office never matches the temperature outside! I am a new follower...loving your blog!

  2. Cardigans and Lonchamps are my go-to for work! And definitely always carry a pair of flats around with me, in case I'm doing a lot of walking. Love your blog!


  3. I am in 100% agreement on the shoes and love everything else you've chosen. Having garments that "set-up" your outfit such as a great bag and great pair of shoes can really make the look come together. Thanks for responding to my tweet with such an informative post!!


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