Monday, August 8, 2011

Bringing a Summer Classic Into Autumn

Black and white designs were all over the Fall 2011 ready to wear runways during the Spring and I love it! I always think of crisp black & white for Spring/Summer, but it is always refreshing to mix things up a bit! That whole idea of not wearing white in the colder months is dated and I'm happy to see things going a more modern route! All kinds of chic two-toned looks pranced down the runway, including my favourite above, which kind of reminds me of a cheerleading uniform, but I just love it!

The black & white furs for Fall are amazing! I love them and think this is such a chic look if you are brave enough to try it! (and can afford it)

Whether the look is simple colour blocking or a polka-dot style, this is quite possibly as clean as crisp as two colours can look together.

And the interesting prints aren't just for multiple colours as DVF showed us! I love a black & white print. It's almost a neutral that you can add a pop of colour to with a bright red bag, a pair of blue shoes or some yellow bangles!

Since most of my readership is American, I'm dying to know: how many of you are still observing the no white after Labor Day rule? No judgement here... I'm just curious!

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  1. When I lived in FL the no White after Labor Day (or before Memorial Day) lines were definitely blurred, here in the North of England, I am lucky to pull out anything white except a crisp white classic shirt almost any time of year...

  2. I am always wearing black and white, haha.... xxxoo


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