Monday, August 29, 2011

Exploring London and Other Weekend Antics

We had a great weekend with my little sister! We mostly spent our time exploring London and showing her the sights... some familiar and some we'd never seen before. I'll be sharing the photos over the next few days since we covered a lot of ground!

We had a lot of fun in the Picadilly Circus area and found this great touristy souvenir shop called Cool Britannia. It's a great place to buy knick knacks if you ever visit London! We were however a little disappointed that most of the Picadilly area seems to be under construction and renovation... probably in preparation for the 2012 Olympics as there will be loads of tourists.

One of my favourite finds this weekend was M&M's World, a 4 story emporium of M&M's and memorabilia. We had a lot of fun in there and treated ourselves to a few sweets!
The decor in M&M's World is awesome and the walls are painted with animated M&M's characters throughout the years. It was fun to look at the ones from the 80's to see what I remembered from when I was a little girl.
We loved all the characters throughout the shop! This is a really fun place to visit!

There was a solidier...
A princess...
and a knight, pictured here with my knight in shining armour, Mr. Julep. It was great fun and they have M&M's in every imaginable colour and the gift selections are great! I've already requested a bottle of M&M's for Christmas... it's a wine bottle full of colourful sweets. What's not to love?

I hope all my British readers had a great holiday weekend!

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