Wednesday, August 17, 2011

New Obsession: The OC

I know I'm a bit behind, but I am so obsessed with The OC right now, it's not even funny! I literally check the mail every day to see if the next dvd has arrived from Lovefilm! I truly love this show on a 90210/Gilmore Girls/Gossip Girl level. It's a great show... by great I mean, silly high school show with great clothes and beautiful teenagers that have serious grown-up problems! Amazing!

Who doesn't love a show with high drama at a debutante ball? I mean, seriously! This is good television!

I'm just waiting for the episode where someone starts screaming "Donna Martin Graduates" or something equally poignant!

Have you seen The OC before? How did you like it?

PS - I'm still on season 1 so no spoilers in the comments please! Thanks!!!
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  1. I love the O.C.! I catch reruns on Soapnet from time to time.

  2. This was truly a great show in its prime. I am all about TV and I know this was a good one!! Enjoy watching! xxxoo

  3. Hahahahahah. "Donna Martin Graduates" was a classic. But I feel I am too old for the OC. No more high school dramas.
    What I can recommend: 'White Collar' or 'Burn Notice'.

  4. I used to love the OC!! I never missed an episode and loved all the pretty outfits!

  5. My best friend's cousin Chris Carmack (he plays Mischa Barton's boyfriend) was in the first season of the OC so we were obsessed with it when it came out. I haven't seen an episode in a long time now though.


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