Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Trend Alert: The Great Fashion Caper

The cape made a comeback last winter along with the poncho, but many fashionistas were quick to acknowledge this as a failed trend. Even I bought a poncho and very quickly, after wearing it only once, donated it to a charity shop. Imagine my surprise when I flipped through the photos from the Fall 2011 ready-to-wear fashion shows and saw capes-a-plenty! I couldn't believe my eyes. Yes fellow fashion lovers, the cape is back and this time around they're really cute!

I have to say, I'm not entirely surprised now that I think about it... with all the fairytale films being made these days (Red Riding Hood, Snow White and the newly announced Beauty and the Beast starring Emma Watson), it only makes sense that the fashion world would jump on the band wagon and offer the look to those with the financial power to rock this trend!

This season's capes are different from last year. They aren't all inspired by the 1960's look... some are longer and resemble a costume from a post-apocalyptic film or a Lady Gaga video, while others are girlie and frilly. Different textiles are coming into the mix like leather or tweed and fur trimmings are all the rage. These are some of my favourite capes from the Fall 2011 ready-to-wear shows:

Halston took the long way around, making the cape very long. I'm not a fan at all of this look and while Classe took a risk with a leather and fur cape, I think it's too bulky. Leather just doesn't drape well enough for this style of outerwear.

This Bill Blass cape is the height of sophistication in classic black & white. The popped collar brings a high wasp quality to it while the shape and colour combo scream high fashion chic! Paired with a fedora, this is a lady like look that reminds me of Katherine Hepburn.

Quite the opposite, Azzaro offers a more fantastical cape, like something out of a fairytale complete with fur lining and a girlie bow. I couldn't love an item of clothing more! The Azzaro cape would be perfect for a romantic horse ride through the snow in the English countryside! Swoon!

The camel cape is not going anywhere, as seen at Alexis Mabille. This look is feminine, minimalist and chic! Meanwhile Angelo Marani gave the classic garment a hint of the Sherlock Holmes effect by adding a 2nd tier and using a classic British-inspired plaid tweed. Perfect for the Anglophile Fashionista!

I didn't give in and buy a cape last year. As I said, I stopped with a poncho from H&M that I only wore once. But I'm leaning towards a cape for Autumn/Winter this year as my new coat option. What do you think? Will you wear a cape this year? Which style is your favourite?

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  1. It's funny you mention this. I just saw a cute black one (somewhat short) on Bloomingdale's website. I don't know if I will actually get one, but they can be cute!

  2. Hmmm... If I was taller I might. I think it would look funny on me because I'm so short!


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