Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Visit to Bridget Jones's Flat

Over the weekend we headed east to the Southwark area near Borough Market and we found a little treasure. As soon as I wondered onto the street for the first time, I immediately recognized where we were and shouted "Bridget Jones!" Pictured above is the flat where Bridget lives in the film Bridget Jones's Diary... one of my all-time faves!

I recognized this sign from the film... yes... I've seen it that many times!
The flat is above a pub called The Globe. It was closed or else we might have wondered in for a pint or two...
My husband was pretending to be Mark Darcy... he was quoting the film left and right. It was fun and I'm so glad we got to see it!

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  1. Did you hear they're coming out with a third movie?! At least that's what Perez said;)

  2. That is so cool!

    I LOVE Bridget Jones, too. In fact, I have a WW post for next week dedicated to the movie all ready to go! :)


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