Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Chelsea Auto Show

Last weekend I attended the Chelsea Auto Show at the Royal Hospital Chelsea (famous for holding the Chelsea Flower Show every year) and it was great! Unfortunately the rain pretty much spoiled the day, but we were able to walk around and see some pretty cars for about an hour.
The grounds of the Royal Hospital Chelsea are just gorgeous and I was shocked by how big it is!

The main walkway was beautiful and covered with a canopy made from the trees leaning in... so pretty!
The cars were really fun and the show was 60's themed. We enjoyed taking photos and having a look at some great classic cars!
I wouldn't mind driving around in one of these babies...

And these really old ones were fun to see! It's hard to imagine that the streets of London used to be filled with cars that looked like this!

I hope the Chelsea Auto Show happens again next year - it would be fun to walk around and spend more time there without the rain getting me drenched... luckily we took shelter nearby on King's Road in Anthropologie where I did a tiny bit of shopping since we were already in the neighborhood!

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