Sunday, September 18, 2011

Issa Spring 2012 RTW Collection

Some of the looks from the Rio inspired Issa Spring 2012 RTW collection were bananas... Literally, like the one pictured above. But some of the looks were classic Issa and fit for a princess... or a Middleton.

This look is perfect for the likes of Blair Waldorf to wear while holding court on the Upper East Side...

I could totally see the Duchess of Cambridge holding court in a distant location like Buckingham Palace in this beautiful lace frock.

This little pretty is the perfect choice for Pippa's tennis whites when she inevitably attends Wimbledon next summer.

This is my favorite dress in the collection. I love a beautiful nude lace dress... so sexy, but classy at the same time! I usually love Issa collections, but honestly most of the pieces from this collection are a little too out there for my taste. Have you seen the collection? What do you think?

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  1. I feel like some of the pieces needed to be MORE out there to work, if that makes sense.
    For example the Bananas dress above was such a boring McCalls pattern, if you are going to use a zany print- you mind as well find an interesting way to use it.

    For me the collection seemed to try to hard to be two different things: conservative and kooky, and the translation wasn't very cohesive.


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