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Pink Julep Picks: The Worst & Best Dressed at the Emmy Awards

These are my picks for the worst and best dressed at the Emmy Awards. I like to leave things on a good note, so let's start with the worst - the very worst, Eva La Rue in an awful peach dress that looks like it's covered in iron-on doilies in all the wrong places! This color does nothing for Eva and the dress is a mess.

Kyle Richards is beautiful and her curvy body is bangin, but let's face it, blue metallic lame from head to toe might belong in a Spice Girls video, but it has no place on the red carpet, not to mention that it doesn't do Kyle any favors.
Ariel Winter's pink gown looks like those paper cut-outs of snowflakes you make at Christmas, secured to her body with an Elmer's glue stick. Then to top it off, it has that horrible peek-a-boo round neckline, much like many of the unfortunate prom dresses I had to look at in the late 90's. This looks like a cheap prom dress at best... no thanks!
I hate to put two of my biggest style icons, Gwyneth Paltrow and Emilio Pucci, on this list, but sometimes we are forced to do things we don't want to do... Everything about this dress is beautiful... except the very obvious and poorly placed midriff situation. If it isn't flattering on Gwyneth, it won't be flattering on anyone! That beautiful beaded skirt would've looked gorgeous with a white button-down shirt (think Sharon Stone), but as is, this is a hot mess!
I love Jane Krakowski, but this dress is awful and she should've gone a few shades lighter with the spray tan. If someone drew on her with red and blue markers, Jane would look like a can of Diet Pepsi.
Olivia Munn is gorgeous, but this green frock is frumpy and messy. Bad choice... nuff said.
Enough with the blue lame already! Amy Poehler is so cute and she has a real woman's body, which I love, but nobody should go out in public looking like a sparkly blue stuffed sausage.
Paz de la Huerta looks like the 2nd coming of Amy Winehouse and not in a good way! That color is mousy, her hair is a rat's nest and the slit is just too much. Tacky!
I really want to love Heather Morris's dress... In theory, it seems like a good idea, but in reality, it looks like someone draped her with navy blue streamers. The pinata look is not cute.
Dianna Agron is so cute, but this blue dress makes her look like a little girl who's playing in her granny's satin pajamas that don't quite fit. This dress is frumpy, boring and unflattering.

Now for the best dressed.... Drum roll please!
Aubrey Plaza was a vision in white! I love that she broke that pesky white after Labor Day rule!

Minka Kelly in a navy blue lace number looked classy and beautiful! I love how she let this gorgeous dress do the talking by keeping her hair, make-up and accessories simple. Stunning!

Emily Blunt never disappoints! Her gown has the right amount of plunging neckline, frou frou and texture. Love it!
Evan Rachel Wood reminded me of how Hollywood Glamour should look! This is how you wear black on the red carpet! She shut it down!
Sophia Vergara has curves that won't quit and she is so good at dressing for her shape! She oozes sexiness in this beautiful coral number! The big earrings are the perfect choice for both complimenting the dress and her style.
In my opinion, Gretchen Mol is one of the most beautiful women on the planet! She looks stunning in this black satin dress.
Martha Plimpton surprised me I have to say! I love her red sparkly frock and the neckline is perfect for her figure and hairstyle! Gorgeous!
I am so happy to see Claire Danes stepping outside of her prim and pretty box! This dress is a big step for Claire and she looked beautiful!
Julia Styles, where have you been? Your hiding has done you good, girl cause you look amazing! And that dress! Woowhee! Gorgeous!
My best dressed pick of the night was Vampire Diaries star Nina Dobrev in a red Donna Karan gown. The dress, the hair, the accessories... all perfect, but let's get back to the dress! It's gorgeous, interesting and red is the hot colour of the season!

Who were your picks for best and worst dressed at the Emmy's?

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  1. They are all beautiful, some of the dresses not so much! I absolutely love Rachel Woods shimmering dress- stunning!

  2. I liked your choices, there were some great gowns at this Emmy Awards, but some were just puzzling aka Gwyneth, wtf?! That dress was so awkward...thanks for sharing!

  3. Agree with your best dressed!

    Think some of the worst dressed was due to:

    • bad styling: Eva La Rue, Heather Morris and Dianna Aragon (that dress looked so good on the runway)

    • The wrong person wearing it: Ariel Winter, Amy Poehler, Gwyneth (would have liked this look on someone younger and edgier)

    Good Picks!

  4. Aren't these Red carpet dresses to die for ? They are really so cute and pretty. Find THE dress for you among this pretty collection.


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