Monday, September 26, 2011

Tory Burch Shopping Event

Last week I attended the shopping event at Tory Burch for the Junior League of London. It was really fun and I met some fabulous new people while sipping champagne and looking at beautiful shoes & clothes!

I may have picked up a little something while I was there... can you guess?
If you said shoes, you're getting warmer...
My very first pair of Revas! I chose black with a silver buckle and I just love them!
OOTD: H&M Tee, Leggings & Boyfriend Cardi, Missoni Scarf and TB Revas

Here's how I wore them. While I'll say they're very comfy, I'll also say that they were a little painful by the end of the day. However, the sales lady told me that after a few wears they'd soften up and get more comfortable. Anyway, I just love them!

What color were your first Revas?

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  1. love TB! I'm sure you will love your Reva's! My first pair were quilted metallic silver pair and I love them! I also have chocolate and I love them for fall also.


  2. I love TB's Revas...those were my first pair as well and it went all down hill after that...I think I have four or five now. They are the best!

  3. Exciting! I got 2 pair at the same time (B1 get 1 1/2 off at Saks Off 5th)- Beige stingray leather and dark purple suede.

  4. Welcome to the addictive world of TB Revas! Once I bought my first pair, I couldn't stop..I own 10 now. They are chic, easy, and comfy! I justify buying so many because I wear them all the time but make sure I take great care of them. Enjoy! Looks like a fab event.

    xo lamb loves

  5. Oh, and my first pair was navy with a tortoise and gold T toe. :)

  6. They'll hurt by the crinkle but yes, once you get used to them.... i have tons of TB that i never use too much.... maybe should donate already. takers?


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