Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Etiquette Vintage Design by Eric Renteria

I recently discovered Etiquette Vintage Design, thanks to a lovely reader who submitted these fabulous photos asking me to check out the website - she is friends with Eric Renteria, the designer!
The collection features vintage letterman sweaters, perfect for Autumn 'geek chic' looks or for those who love to add a little nostalgia to their looks. I personally think a cute letterman sweater looks great with a pair of jeans for weekend wear!

Here's what the website says about the designs:

"In hopes of bringing old-school mannerisms back into play, Etiquette recycles old family heirlooms and turns them into fashion-forward attire.

Etiquettes letterman sweaters and blazers date back to the 1940s; and some as far as the roaring 20s. Every Etiquette design is custom made and most universities are available. Please contact our office for specific orders or request."

One thing that I love about vintage clothing is the eco-chic aspect of it! It is in fact the most fashionable way to recycle! I also love the history behind an old piece of clothing... it has a story and a journey! I think Eitquette Vintage is clever, cute and refreshing! What do you think?

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