Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Product Reviews: The Eyes Have It

I used to be completely loyal to Diorshow mascara and while I still swear by its magical powers, I've been using Maybelline Falsies for a while and I swear it's just as good! This new Black Drama version is simply AMAZING though and it's by far, the best mascara I think I've ever used! If you have never tried it before, do yourself and your wallet a favor and try it! It's cheap and fabulous!

I also decided to get some new eyeliner while I was at the drugstore. I've always used pencils or liquid, but the few crayon type eyeliners I've had in the past have been better for a good dark and dramatic smudge look. This L'Oreal black eyeliner is fantastic! It's really easy to apply and it has a rubber smudger at the end that's the best I've ever used. For me right now, it's all about black eyeliner and dramatic lashes!
This is the result... I'm loving this more dramatic look after months of a more natural look. What can I say? I go through phases....
Totally random, but I also tried L'Oreal Elnett Satin for the first time and I'm totally addicted! This is an amazing hairspray and though it's more expensive than most drugstore hairspray options, it's totally worth every penny! I love this product!

What new products are you loving these days? I'm always looking for great suggestions of little treats to splurge on at the drugstore!

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  1. I heard the Falsies is a nightmare to take off, do you have that problem too?

    I use & love the L'Oreal eyeliner, though I get Garnier Shine & Hold hairspray, as I need that extra gloss on my locks.

  2. I rarely use hairspray, but when I do it's Elnett all the way - genius stuff!


  3. i'm searching for the new hair products recently, that hairspray sounds good, maybe i should try ...


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