Tuesday, October 4, 2011

What You May Not Know About the Goring Hotel

I recently went to the Goring Hotel, made famous after the Middleton family stayed there in the days leading up to the Royal Wedding, for a bottle of wine with some friends. It's a lovely old London spot and I really enjoyed the few hours we spent there.

While I was there, someone let me in on a little secret about the men's room! Of course I had to check it out for myself, while my husband stood guard! Please excuse the poor photography as I had to hurry to get in and get out before being noticed!

A selection of old fashioned naughty pictures have been on the walls in the men's room for many many years... scandalous!

The caption on this picture reads "I've been told the service here is very personal." Naughty indeed!
These pictures are harmless at best, but they weren't always well-received by patrons of the hotel.
As was stated in this letter by a gentleman addressed to George Goring, the original owner of the hotel. The letter claims the images are at best, insulting to the female staff and inappropriate.

Mr. Goring's response is noted at the bottom of the letter, which is also framed and hanging in the men's room... "Close your eyes girls!!" Very funny!

The Goring Hotel is a lovely place for a drink and I've also heard that the food is quite good. It's exciting to know that the future Queen of England may have sat in the same banquet that I sat on and more so that dignitaries, celebrities and royals have hung out in the Goring Hotel for many years. If you find yourself looking for a place to have high tea, a drink or even a meal, I would highly recommend the Goring Hotel! And definitely check out the little boy's room while you're there!

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