Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Mixed Bag: OOTD & Reviews

OOTD: H&M Tee, Leggings & Cardigan, Missoni Scarf, Aerosoles Suede Boots

When I woke up this morning, it felt like one of those days when comfort is essential! While I love having snuggly days as much as anyone, I always try to keep it as put-together and chic as possible, especially if I'm heading to the office or going anywhere public. For days like today, I rely on leggings (the greatest invention ever!), great sweaters & pretty, textural scarves. 

I straightened my hair yesterday, but when I woke up this morning, it was all wavy and wild. I have always loved the French look of practically unstyled, more natural looking hair as usually seen on one of my style icons, Charlotte Gainsbourg (daughter of Jane Birkin for whom the bag was named) so I decided today was a good day to give this look a try!

I'm really annoyed with my fringe lately... it bugs me, but I thought I'd make the best of it and enjoy it before it grows out. I was fairly pleased with how my hair looked this morning, but then after wearing my wooly hat into work this morning because it's freezing cold outside, I got to the office to find my bangs half matted to my forehead and the other half sticking straight up... Stupid fringe!

I'm really into dark nails for winter again this year and my current favorite is Vendetta by Chanel! Even though it's purple, I think it goes really well with most colours including looks with blue, black or brown. 

I have been dying to try Chanel eye shadows for a while and while travelling back from Ireland, I did a little duty free shopping! I picked up the Chanel eye shadow quad in Enigma. The colors are lovely and while I'm fairly happy with the quality of it, I think I much prefer Nars eyeshadows for texture, application and pigmentation.

Also, I finished this book last week. Swimming Pool Sunday is by Madeleine Wickham, the pseudonym for famed author Sophie Kinsella who wrote the Shopaholic books. Swimming Pool Sunday is about a broken family who is put through further misery when their daughter becomes seriously injured. With themes circling around right and wrong and family values, it really makes the reader think about what one should do, not what you can do. It wasn't a ground-breaking book, but very thought-provoking and I enjoyed reading it. I'll probably try another Madeleine Wickham book soon as these seem to be her more serious reads as opposed to the fun-loving Sophie Kinsella novels.

If you've never heard of Teapigs, you don't know what you're missing! I've often drank this brand of tea at restaurants in London so when I was given a free sample at an event a while back, I was super excited to try it!

The Spiced Winter Red by Teapigs tastes like Christmas in a cup! It's got a strong cinnamon flavor and all I can say is it's delicious and perfect for cool winter days! It's spicy flavor and aroma makes it particularly suitable for Christmas!

So, I'm dying to know... what is your go-to comfy outfit and what books are you reading lately?

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  1. I love that makeup set!! You look fabulous!

  2. Too bad the Chanel eyeshadows were a bit of a let down but I agree with you and adore their nail varnish! I'm not bold enough to do dark nails but yours do look lovely and so chic.

  3. "Cocktails for Three" is another cute Madeline Wickham novel-nothing earth shattering, just a fun, easy read!

    I've read your blog for quite awhile now, but haven't commented frequently. Let me just tell you how jealous I am of you for your ex-pat lifestyle!


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