Sunday, January 22, 2012

What to Wear on an Alpine Ski Holiday

My husband and I are going skiing later this year in Switzerland with some family & friends and I couldn't be more excited! I mean, who wouldn't love a holiday that automatically requires a new outfit? I have always wanted to go apres skiing, ahem, I mean skiing, so I'm having a blast planning my wardrobe (I mean our trip)!

Having never been on the slopes before, I needed a bit of inspiration for how to dress... I've decided there's no finer example than the Duchess of Cambridge herself, Kate Middleton. It is a well-known fact that the royals spend every Easter holiday at Kloster in Switzerland on the slopes, so she seems to be a good one to take cues from.

The ski jacket is very important for warmth and function... For me, it's very important that it be cute, not too puffy and have fur around the hood! I chose the Baker Jacket Deluxe by The North Face.

While I understand that trousers should be comfortable and have plenty of movement, it's imperative that they make my bum look cute and not make me resemble Stay Puff the Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters. Hence my choice, the Go Go Pants from The North Face.

Ski boots are a tricky one... they have to actually be perfect for your feet and all that jazz. However, I found it helpful to tell the assistant right away that it was important to me that they look cute with my outfit. Surprisingly enough, he took that into consideration and repeatedly asked if his choices were cute enough. Well done! I ended up with the Head Adapt Edge 90 One boots with inserts and liners fitted to the shape of my foot at Ellis Brigham. If you are planning to invest in ski boots, I highly recommend visiting Ellis Brigham for the customization alone.

Fleeces are for warmth... and also for looking cute when you take off your jacket in the apres ski hot spots! Obviously I bought this North Face fleece because it's pink... nuff said.

Having a few fleeces can't hurt... This reversible one from Uniqlo is currently on sale and I absolutely love it! It's about as flattering as a fluffy fleece can be!
Thermal base layers are also required... At this stage, if you've never been skiing before, you're probably thinking about how insane this amount of clothing is! I know I was! When looking into thermals I decided to skip the expensive branded sports versions from the ski shops and go to my trusty Uniqlo HEATTECH tops and leggings!
What's great about these pieces is that they're not only warm, but they're cute, so you can wear them with normal clothes too!

Who knew you had to have special ski socks? Apparently they're important for keeping your feet dry. These adorable socks (which are also available for men in more manly colors) by Smartwool were recommended to us. Apparently they keep snow moisture from coming in in while pushing the sweat out. Genius!

Head gear is very important as demonstrated above by Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge.  She is obviously a fan of Bolle goggles, so I tried them out as well...

Goggles are important for protecting your eyes and like boots, unfortunately you have to get the ones that fit your face appropriately, cute or not. I opted for the Bolle Nebula goggles in black.

Gloves are also important. I didn't receive any advice on ski gloves, but as I was trying them on in the shop I realized very quickly that it would be important to find a pair that I could move my fingers in so I could hold those pole thingies I'll have to use when skiing. These Barts gloves are quilted like a Chanel bag and lined in fur... ADORABLE! I got them in black!


I get the impression that off the slopes, one dresses very chic, but casual with a dash (or a lot) of glamour, but a few things are definitely necessary so here's my list, starting with boots. While Moon Boots are ever so popular in Swiss ski villages, I'm not particularly bothered by them. I think a trusty pair of Uggs Classic Shorts will do the trick!

To keep it cute, I'm going to throw my trusty Uggs Classic Cardi boots in my suitcase as well!

A waterproof bag is always good, especially if you're toting around your iPad or phone. I love my Longchamp Le Pliage shopper, which also makes a great carry-on bag for the flight!
 A cashmere scarf is perfect for keeping warm in the cold!

While you'll need a beanie for the slopes and casual days around the village, a fabulous Blair Waldorf inspired topper is great to have for nights out to dinner or something equally glam!

I picked up a couple of black dresses which are always great for travelling! This maxi is from Gap and can be worn with boots if it's snowing! I love a dress like this because I can either dress it up with some statement jewelry or accessorize it with a cute scarf by Missoni to add a pop of color!

I'm as shocked as can be that I found not one, but two cute dresses at the Gap! I never buy dresses there, but this Ponte Swing Dress is so cute and it's architectural shape reminds me of a Victoria Beckham dress! I plan to wear this with patterned tights and fur trimmed heeled booties! Whether going to a restaurant, a fun club or a fancy hot spot, these dresses will totally work for apres ski!
On days that we don't ski, I think it's important to show that one has a bit of style while staying comfy and warm at the same time! I'll mostly rely on great jeans, chunky sweaters and adorable boots to pull this off, but a cute skirt can also do the trick! This skirt from Phase Eight reminds me of Missoni and is a fun choice for wandering through the Swiss Alps for a bit of hot chocolate, fondue and shopping! Love it and it's currently on sale!

Well, that's my ski holiday wear! What do you wear when you go skiing? If you have any tips for me, I'd love to hear them so please leave me a comment! xo



  1. very jealous that you're going skiing! i haven't gone in years, but i'm always talking about how much i would love to go again. i think i just need to get in the car and go!

    instead of an elephant

  2. Haha! Love this... cuteness comes first! I love the boots.
    I recently rented skis for the season and they handed me yellow poles... I immediately said they wouldn't be acceptable and took black instead.

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