Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pink Julep Product Review: Clynol Hair Products

Recently, I've had the pleasure of testing out some products by Clynol and I couldn't be happier! Since I moved to England in 2010, I've been using Kerastase almost exclusively, however I've had some trouble justifying all the hype, not to mention the price tage. While I found it to be good and my hair improved, I wasn't getting the results I wanted. Clynol has greatly improved the state of my hair in only a few weeks!

My hair is looking shiny and healthier than it has in years. People have been complimenting me on it lately like crazy, so needless to say, I'm very pleased with these products. Perhaps it just suits my hair texture better, but if you've never tried these products and you have hair that's damaged, dry, weathered and lifeless, they're definitely worth considering.

The Massive spray is seriously a gift for my hair! I have a lot of hair, but it's fine, so sometimes it tends to be a little limp and lifeless. Just using a little bit of this spray on the roots before styling and breathed new life into my locks! I love using it when I want a little oomph on a night out!

The shampoo is lovely and you only need to use about a pea sized amount. I can't say enough how good it smells!

Following with the repair conditioner, which has a lovely thick consistency and isn't at all greasy or heavy. I have been using these two products together most of the time, washing my hair only 2 or 3 times per week.

About once a week, I've been using the Repair Rescue therapy after shampoo & conditioner and it's worked wonders as well! To be honest, I'd use it more often, but I'm a little lazy and usually stressed for time in the mornings. Unlike some hair masks, this one doesn't leave my hair heavy, greasy or limp. I've been enjoying the benefits of silky, managable and voluminous hair for the first time in a while!

Have you ever used Clynol products? If so, I'd love to hear what you think of them!

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