Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sledging on Muottas Muragl, St. Moritz

On our first full day in St. Moritz, we went sledging on Muottas Muragl, a very large mountain with a steep 4.2 km path for daredevils like us! The views from the top of the mountain were worth it alone!

The steep path is full of hairpin curves which you can see in the photo above - it's not for the faint of heart!

There's no starting off easy at Muragl - it's all pistons fired from the very beginning, so it's no surprise that most of our group (having never done this before) wiped out before the first turn, including me! But it was great fun, no matter how terrified I was!

The view of the town below was breathtaking - very easy on the eyes!

By the time we reached the end of the trail, I felt I'd finally gotten the hang of steering the sled! It was really fun! I also got a little keepsake to take with me in the form of a massive bruise on my calf, just behind the knee from my crazy wipeout! But what can I say, it was totally worth it! I actually enjoy sledging a lot more than skiing so far, so I hope to go on more daredevil missions, hurling down mountains on wooden death machines in the snow sometime soon!

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