Saturday, February 18, 2012

St. Moritz: A Posh Playground on Top of the World

I was lucky enough to spend a week in St. Moritz , the home of the first ski school in Switzerland, on a skiing holiday with some friends & family recently and it was an amazing holiday destination! Having long been known as a winter wonderland playground for the rich & famous, I was not at all disappointed in the fabulosity of it all! 

Located in the Engadine Valley, St. Moritz itself is absolutely gorgeous and very posh, it's streets lined with fancy hotels and shops such as Jimmy Choo, Emilio Pucci and of course, Chanel. The rest of the Engadine Valley is just as lovely and more down-to-earth, with sleepy villages where St. Moritz skiiers may choose to stay for a more relaxed, Swiss holiday experience.

St. Moritz is a small little town, but 'the Valley' as it's called by seasoned travellers, is quite extensive offering many places to ski, eat, stay and play.

It's super easy to get around by train as my husband and I found when we took advantage of the opportunity to explore other parts of 'the Valley.'

In the middle of St. Moritz is Schulhausplatz, or Schoolhouse Place - a lovely square where many choose to meet up for a day of skiing, shopping or a trip to one of the many spas available in the area.

Hanselmann is a must-see in St. Moritz if you ever find yourself in the area! Famous for their chocolate and confections, many people flock to this well-known eatery for lunch or a little apres ski coffee & cake! We visited many times and I must say, the champagne truffles are AMAZING!

Though the atmosphere in Hanselmann is quite nice, it's not unusual to see holiday makers wondering in with their full ski attire...

Of course with any new sport, education is key... We decided it would be best to enroll in 3 days of instruction at the St. Moritz Ski School. It was totally worth it as I feel that some day, my husband and I might actually become decent skiiers! We had a great time at the ski school and it's definitely true what they say about ski instructors! I've never seen so many gorgeous Italian men in my life!

Stay tuned for more photos and reviews from our holiday in 'the valley.' And if you're a skiier, where do you love to ski? I think we'll be looking for more great places to visit in the years ahead!

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