Thursday, March 8, 2012

Pink Julep Loves: Madame Mathilde

I came across Madame Mathilde when a piece was featured on one of my favourite blogs, The Love List.

After having a look at the site, I'm totally in love with this brand! The pieces are fun, modern and cool, but pack a mighty vintage punch! Many of the pieces are very affordable and each piece is an investment worth making to add something special to your wardrobe!

It doesnt stop there... The story behind Madame Mathilde is just as fun as the jewelry!

The name Madame Mathilde comes from the character in the 1890’s short story The Necklace. In the story Mathilde Loisel is elated when she is able to attend a ball and borrow a necklace from a wealthy friend. She is so enamored with its glittering appearance and believes that because it belongs to her society friend that it must be priceless. That night she loses the necklace and in turn spends her life savings replacing what she thinks are real diamonds to only later find out the necklace was costume.

Each piece of Madame Mathilde jewelry is hand-made in New York using a combination of unique materials, including vintage rhinestone brooches, antique chandelier crystals, mixed chains and vintage scarves. Recently, Jennifer has added a line of genuine snakeskin beaded jewelry. Madame Mathilde also offers handbags and accessories that are made from genuine python. The clutches and totes are adorned with vintage brooches for extra flare.

Unlike the original Madame Mathilde, Jennifer’s customers embrace the costume aspect of her jewelry and place value in wearing one-of-a-kind flashy and fun statement pieces.

Have you discovered any great new finds lately? If so, leave me a comment so I can check it out!


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