Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Pink Julep Loves: Craft Coffee

If you consider yourself a coffee connoisseur or if you just really like it like me, then you're in for a treat! Craft Coffee is a subscription service that sends you a box of fresh new coffees to try every month! It's kind of like the Netflix of coffee and it's fabulous for caffeine heads or people who never quite know which fancy coffee to choose at Whole Foods.

Each tasting box is meticulously packed with 3 sealed bags of coffee beans - each bag is from a different roaster, region and has a distinctly different flavor. 

They aren't joking when they refer to 'your coffee journey' since these coffees come from some seriously exotic locations - it's like drinking yourself around the world without leaving the comfort your favorite pink Minnie Mouse coffee mug home.

What's great about these tasting bags is that they're quite big, offering plenty of coffee to enjoy for the month - not miniature sample sizes. They're also resealable so your coffee beans stay fresh! If you're not interested in grinding the coffee beans or you don't own a grinder, there are other options for how to receive your coffee. I was quite excited to get my first coffee grinder and it really does make a difference in the freshness of the coffee!

Each bag is labelled with all the vital information about the coffee such as where it's roasted, where it comes from and a description of the flavor, similar to how a wine's flavor is described on the label.

Also provided are instructions for how to best prepare the coffee for optimal flavor.

A bit of insight into how the coffees are selected... It's no easy task, but to be honest, it looks like a fun job!

Information on the regions where the coffees originated is great for the true coffee connoisseur or anyone who needs something interesting to chat about over dinner with their favorite fellow caffeine junkie...

And of course, information on the roasters who prepared the coffee and instructions for how to purchase a full-sized bag if there's one that particularly takes your fancy...

I have absolutely loved all three of the amazing coffees that I received in my tasting box. You can read all about them by clicking here. They really did have different flavors, one being a bit bitter, one being slightly sweet and another tasting a bit spicier than your regular coffee.

Craft Coffee is a uniquely cool way to expose yourself to new, different kinds of coffee and is perfect for foodies! You can buy one tasting box, get a rolling monthly subscription that you can cancel any time or if you're up for it, there are 6 month and annual subscriptions to keep you caffeinated for a good long while! This is a fantastic gift idea and with American Mother's Day and Father's Day both just around the corner, it's something to keep in mind for the parents who have everything.

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