Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Pink Julep Picks: Gap for Spring

I've never been a Gap shopper, even when it was popular during my teen years. The fit wasn't great for me and the styles didn't suit my taste. Lately however I've been drawn to my local Gap over and over again by adorable things I've seen in the window and I've been habitually shopping there for the past 6 months! Perhaps it has something to do with the replacement of the designer for adult clothing, but whatever it is, Gap has gotten great recently! Here are my Gap picks for Spring:

I actually just bought these jeans and they are great! The fit is amazing, they're cute and super comfy!

I'm really feeling the relaxed look these days! I'm not sure if it's Spring getting to me or Festival Season looming, but I'm all about easy breezy looks and these pieces are perfect for achieving that aesthetic!

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  1. I too have never really been a fan of Gap until recently. I find myself actually wanting to go back to see what's new, and most of the time, I like what I see. :-)


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