Monday, April 16, 2012

SlimKicker: A New Diet & Fitness App

Nearly a year ago, I received an e-mail from a girl who was working on a diet & fitness app for the iPhone asking for my feedback and whether or not I'd be interested in such an app. I sent my feedback and a couple of weeks ago - nearly a year later - I heard back. SlimKicker, a game & social based diet and fitness platform is now live and available in the App Store on online.

I've had a look at SlimKicker and I think it's great! It serves several great purposes, is easy to use and it's social! Like a Facebook for people who are into diet and exercise!

When you sign up for an account on SlimKicker, you're asked a number of questions and what's impressive is that your personal goals are considered. Are you there for fitness and overall health, or is it most important to you to loose weight? The choice is yours.

Each user receives points for actions and goals completed in the program. Your profile shows your accumulated points and how far until you reach your next reward - something chosen by yourself such as a pedicure or a cheat meal. It uses incentives similar to the badges on Foursquare to entice the user to continue using the program and not give up on health & fitness half-way through the battle as so many of us do.

With SlimKicker you can log your food to see how many calories you've consumed and it's nutritional value. Every time you log a food, you receive points and a tidbit of information like a low calorie natural sweetener suggestion or a statistic about body fat percentage. In the fitness section, you can track your exercise as well as see what exercises other people are doing that you might wish to add to your own routine.

My favourite feature is the Challenge tab. You can sign up for a challenge, for example "No Snacks After Dinner" - these challenges offer the user a large amount of slim points and are undertaken by other people, making the challenge social.

If you are dieting for Swimsuit season, eager to get super fit for marathon season this Fall or just interested in maintaining a healthy, balanced lifestyle, then check out SlimKicker! It's free to use online and the app is free as well!

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  1. I got the same email from her and have been using the app. I enjoy the challenges also!


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