Monday, May 21, 2012

The 5th Annual St. Regis International Cup

On Saturday I attended the St. Regis International Cup polo match at Cowdray Park. It was a spur of the moment thing really as I won tickets last week from The Lady Magazine that arrived only a few days before the match.

It was easy enough to get to Cowdray Park from London. We took a Southwest Train from Clapham Junction to Haslemere and from there took a taxi to the grounds which took about 20 minutes. It wasn't cheap though - the entire journey set us back about £100 (£40 for 2 return train tickets and £60 return cab journey), but for a great day out and minimum spend at the event, it was worth it.


It was a lovely sunny day, perfect for a picnic! We packed up sandwiches, wraps, nibbles and some drinks along with our picnic mat and enjoyed a day out in the sun, something we haven't had here in quite some time!

I wasn't quite sure what to wear, so I took some advice from friends and wore this comfortable Simply Vera Wang dress that I bought back in 2009 with a LOFT cardigan, pearls and my Tory Burch Reva's. It was sunny and warm, but there was a cold breeze so I played it on the safe side with some black tights and I was happy I did when it got cooler later in the day.

My husband wore this classic Tommy Hilfiger shirt with khakis and Rayban Wayfarers.  He looked more appropriate than I did - the group behind us of about 10 guys and gals were all sporting the same sunnies!

The match was particularly exciting for me as it was the US vs. England - the first time England has hosted the US Polo Team on British soil in 15 years.

A view of the members enclosure at Cowdray Park where members and non-members (for a hefty price) can dine during the match on a 3 course meal.

England wore red & white, while the US boys played in blue - they were all hot! Super handsome and very fit fellas! Polo is a great sport for eye candy!

The USA started the match with a 1/2 point advantage which is done so there can be no ties. 

When they took the break, I took part in the 'treading' or as us Pretty Woman fans would know it, the "stomping of the divets" and had my Julia Roberts moment! It was actually fun and a great way to stretch your legs after sitting for so long... Very similar to the 7th inning stretch in baseball! 

I'm not a fan of my look for the day with flat shoes, but this is why one must wear comfortable, flat shoes to polo - for treading! Unfortunately, sometimes one must choose function over fashion...

While we watched from our picnic area and members watched from their lunch tent, there were a select few watching the action from the St. Regis tent, which was right next to our picnic spot.

England won the match by 1/2 point - it was a very close game, with both teams holding a hefty lead just minutes before the end of the match! Very exciting sport!

We stayed and watched the awards ceremony and I was very impressed that even the horses are awarded when they play well. The MVP was a member of the American team, which softens the blow of a loss. 

After the awards, both teams gave out signed photos - I managed to snag the last photo of the American team to keep in my scrapbook for posterity and to remind me always of my first polo match! With shopping, food, drinks, a fun fair and a jazz band, this was certainly a very fun event! I know not all matches are so exciting, but the sport is exhilarating and a picnic in the sun is always fun! I would definitely go see a polo match again and I'd recommend it for families, couples, groups or even dog lovers as many grounds will allow dogs on the premises and some will even have a dog agility course between matches. Watch this space for a post on dressing for polo!

Are you a polo fan? Where is your favourite place to watch a match?


  1. How fun! I love your outfit and recap :)

    I'm your newest follower as I found you from Classy/Fabulous's blogroll.

    Have a wonderful rest of your week

    xo Georgina

  2. Beautiful setting! Love your blog.

  3. Wedges are also a good choice for polo.


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