Thursday, May 17, 2012

Ann Summers Press Day

Today I attended the Ann Summers Press Day - I've never really been an Ann Summers customer, but I thought I'd be open minded and give it a shot... I actually had a great time!


Ann Summers is known here in the UK for their risqué lingerie, naughty nurse type ensembles and other various toys, accessories, games, etc. for improving intimacy. Contrary to popular belief, Ann Summers isn't just a naughty sex shop - some of the new pieces are actually very beautiful and the bonus is that the price point is quite low so anyone can afford to be sexy and feminine.

Many of the new pieces feature delicate French embroidery that looks so expensive, yet will hard even come close to breaking the bank!

The event was held in the Haymarket Hotel, a beautiful spot in Central London.

One of my favourite pieces I saw was this slip that has a bit of a black on sheer black animal print look to it. What's great about it is that the knickers are built in - it's pretty, sexy and perfect for wearing under a dress or skirt.



Urban Retreat at Home were on hand to apply false eyelashes and groom eyebrows. I had my botched eyebrow wax from a few weeks ago evened out.

 Champagne, soft drinks, pastries and caramel corn kept guests refreshed as they mingled.

An artist created caricatures of guests - he was fantastic! I wish I had gotten one, but I ran out of time...

Also on hand was Lauren's Way by Lauren Goodger for Essex style make-overs! I had some false lashes put on...

I don't normally wear false lashes, but I kind of like them... What do you think?
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