Thursday, May 24, 2012

Glamorous A/W 2012 Press Day

Yesterday I attended the Glamorous A/W 2012 Press Day and I loved a lot of what I saw! I've only known about Glamorous for about a month and having never ordered anything from there, this was a great chance to see the clothes from the online retailer up close!

This sheer blouse with pearls on the collar was one of my favourite pieces from the day! It's versatile and could be worn year-round... In the summer, it'd be lovely on it's own and in the winter, this collar would look super chic peeking out of a lovely sweater.

Glamorous is a fairly new brand, having only launched late last year. Though the price points are very low, I was super impressed with the quality of most of the items, which seems to be a little better than some of its competitors. All the big trends are available at budget friendly prices for even the most frugal fashionista!



This cardigan is another of my favourites - it's so interesting and the quality is quite good. It feels really soft and luxe and the detail is really beautiful!

Barry M file & paint nail jobs were on available for guests. If you've never used Barry M before, definitely check it out. It's one of my favourite nail polish brands and super cheap!

Glamour's A/W 2012 collection is very versatile, offering pieces that range from super ladylike, to disco to edgy... There's definitely something for everyone and for all you fashion forward gals out there, it's an interesting palette for mixing feminine pieces with rocker chic pieces!


I also really loved these studded faux leather jackets. Unlike many imitation leather pieces that are hard or plastic to the touch, these are lush and soft. Only the trained eye at very close range could tell that it's not genuine leather... It's accessible fashion for budgets of all sizes!

Glamorous ships to several destinations including mainland Europe and the United States.

Have you ever shopped at Glamourous? If so, I'd love to know what you bought and how you're enjoying it! 
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  1. there are really nice dresses.

  2. Beautiful!:)

  3. great photos!

    love your blog, definitely going to be a new follower!

    from, helen at

  4. I have never shopped there but I am very intrigued! Those nail polish colors are fun.


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