Monday, May 28, 2012

Pink Julep Loves: Schwartzkopf BC Oil Miracle Finishing Treatment

Schwartzkopf BC Oil Miracle Finishing Treatment is my new favourite hair product. I rarely find a new hair product that truly impresses me and to be honest, when I first started using this one, I was skeptical. My hair does not usually react well to oils - they seem to make my hair greasy at the roots and unmanageable towards the ends. I'm happy to report that this product goes above and beyond most hair oils I've tried and it smells just as good or better than many of its competitors.

At £21.20 for 100ml, Schwartzkopf BC Oil is a cheaper alternative to Morrocanoil, which retails on the same site for £30.45 for 100ml, saving nearly £10.

I've tried this product several ways (i.e. on wet hair, dry hair, etc.) and for me, I find it works best for finishing, however you can use it on wet hair if you choose. I like to blow out, curl or straighten my hair and follow by warming up a dollop of this oil in my hands and combing through hair with my fingers, saving the very last bit that's still left on my hands for the top and shorter hair around my face. 

Totally random, but in a fit of panic, I started putting this product on my scaly dry elbows and it totally worked. Schwartzkopf BC Oil truly is a miracle! 

Do you use any oils on your hair? If so, which one do you like best?
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