Friday, June 29, 2012

Home Accessories for Wanderers

No matter what your circumstances or living arrangement, it's easy to make your dwelling a home with a few appropriately placed accessories, especially when they remind you of where you've come from, where you've been or the place you've always wanted to see! I am positively in love with nearly everything from DENY Designs, but these location specific home accessories are too cute and so arty, they're far from cheesy! Offering wall art, jewellery cases, shower curtains, throw pillows and more, DENY Designs has several designers that are making home accessories fun while keeping it chic at the same time!

I'll be featuring even more pieces from DENY Designs today on the Tumblr page, so be sure to hop on over and see my other picks! 



  1. Me likey! You can never have too many throw pillows. Great gift idea...thx:).

  2. The throw pillows are really cool! I want one of those but only for display.


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