Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Gym Necessities

Earlier this month I bit the bullet and finally joined a gym... I've been sublimely happy with my choice ever since! There are a certain amount of necessities a girl needs to get herself gym ready. Obviously you could go with whatever you already have, but I find that treating myself to a new fitness treat now and then gives me more motivation to hit the gym and comfort is key when you're really pushing yourself to the limits. 

Technologically Speaking
Keeping track of my workouts and calories is important for me to maintain balance in my diet and exercise routine. I've come to love the (1) My Fitness Pal App since I started using it regularly on my iPad a few weeks ago. It's easy to use, fun and social if you choose to link up with friends! The best feature is the barcode scanner, making it simple to find out how much of your daily allowances are being used up on your favourite foods! I picked up the (2) Karrimor Arm Wallet at a Sports Direct for very little - I think £6 - and it's perfect for holding my iPod. Also, this wallet has plenty of space so you can also stash a key or some cash in it as well if you need to for an outdoor workout or a post gym juice bar date! 

Happy Feet
It might seem silly to pay $15 for a pair of gym socks, but trust me, it's so worth it. A few years ago I was having some issues with my feet when I worked out... Turns out, it was my socks... Go figure! So I decided to try the (3) Asics Kayano Classic Quarter Socks and I never looked back. They hold your feet in at certain points, kind of like a bra would do and they're very breathable. Labeled for left and right, it's important to wear them on the correct foot so the padding, etc. is in the right place. You don't need to many of these socks to get through the week. I started out with 3 pairs and hand wash them quickly after each workout so they'll be dry by the time I need them again. As for shoes, I bought a pair of (4) New Balance 760 runners last year when I was trying out the Tracy Anderson dvd's. I've hardly worn them since so they're still in great shape. I love them because they're black and super comfortable, not to mention great for training on the elliptical machine. The pink accents are super cute and these shoes offer plenty of breathability so I don't get stinky, sweaty feet!

Get Your Drink On
(5) Lucozade Sport Lite provides loads of vitamins and minerals needed for a quick boost of energy, yet this tasty drink is less goopy than some sports drinks and only has 50 calories per bottle! For those of you in the US, it's similar to Gatorade and can possibly be found in grocery stores that stock British products. The squeeze bottle design is great (it's hard to have a spill) and I usually get them pretty cheap at Sainsbury's. If I don't have time for a smoothie, my usual energy boost of choice, or if I want to get a quick fix that's low-calorie, this is my go-to thirst quencher. It comes in several flavours, but I like the orange one best. I picked up my eco chic (6) Rob Ryan Water Bottle at Waterstones last year and I love it! It's cute and the perfect size for fitting in the bottle holders on the machines at the gym, not to mention throwing it in your gym bag or purse for a long walk! I also love the key ring on the top - I use it to hold my gym locker key while I'm working out so I don't lose it. Very handy...

Fashionably Fit
The (7) Nike Indy Reversible Vent Sports Bra is my favourite! It's cute and offers great support and breathability. Also, since it's reversible, if you're out for the day and get super sweaty, you can turn it inside out in the ladies' room for a bit of comfort. I tend to hand wash my sports bras and I can report that these dry fairly quickly. I also love the (8) Nike Dri Fit Running Shorts because they fit well, don't ride up or down and they're cute! Look for them in TK Maxx (or TJ Maxx if you're in the States) or on Amazon - you can usually find them there from time to time at a really discounted price!

What are your favourite fitness essentials?


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  2. I have found some of my favorite workout clothes at TJ Maxx...funny its called TK there!

  3. This is inspiring me to get running again. Thank you!

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