Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Oroblu Lace Socks

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A big thanks to the gang at Oroblu who sent me these fabulous purple lace ankle socks! I'm not really the kind of gal that would wear ankle socks with skirts or shorts - there's nothing wrong with it, just not my style.  These do however make fabulous trouser socks and it's a great way to show a little pop of colour when you're wearing your heels with jeans or trousers! Yesterday I met a stylish friend who was only in the city for 4 hours between flights and then rushed back for a steak dinner with my husband for our anniversary, so I needed something that was both cute and comfy! I got loads of compliments on my purple socks, so I think I'll invest in some more interesting colours to wear with trousers and heels in the Autumn! 

What do you think of the look? 

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  1. MY wife exercise at least 6 times a week. She personally wear nothing but front closure sport bra most of the time simply for the sheer comfort they provide.


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