Monday, July 16, 2012

10 Nail Polishes I Can't Live Without

If I were on a desert island and could only bring 10 nail polishes with me, these are the ones I would choose.

1. OPI Get Me to the Taj on Time is the perfect light pink neutral and very ladylike. I love this one so much, I wore it on my wedding day!

2. Chanel Particuliere is my go-to for a neutral nail in the Autumn. It always looks great and is super easy to use... It's one of my favourites!

3. BarryM Neon Pink is my new favourite! It's the perfect punky pink!

4. Maybelline Forever Strong Pro Hot Salsa is the best shade of coral I've tried and it never chips.

5. BarryM Bright Red is the perfect shade of classic red. Think Audrey Hepburn or a 1940's pin-up girl - it's perfect when you want classically, chic nails.

6. OPI Russian Navy is my go-to winter shade. It's a little more purple than navy and prettier than black.

7. OPI Ski Teal We Drop is a little more fun for darker nails and perfect in Autumn & Winter.

8. BarryM Glitter Effect because who doesn't love a little disco on their nails now and then?

9. BarryM Raspberry is a newer addition to my collection and a lovely, vampier choice than red for Autumn & Winter.

10. Essie Sew Psyched is a fabulous alternative to the usual pink or brown neutrals in nail colour. Also, I'm a big fan of olive! My Olive denim skirt gets a lot of wear!

What nail polishes would you choose if you could only keep a few?


  1. That Barry M glitter one always looks amazing! I really want it now :D

    1. Hi Arabella, it's a great, budget-friendly glitter nail polish! I'm a big fan of nearly every BarryM nail polish I've tried - highly recommend! x


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