Tuesday, July 3, 2012

5 Beauty Products I'm Loving Right Now

I am always changing things up with my beauty routine - I just love trying new products and in some cases, I also reunite with old faithfuls after a long hiatus. Most of the time, my flat looks like a beauty department with products all over the place... There's even some lotion that I can see in my kitchen right now of all places! These 5 goodies are the products that right now, I'm totally loving and can't live without!

1. I've done the whole designer mascara thing and while I love them, they don't seem to be much better than the options you can find in your local drugstore, so it's hard to justify paying double or triple price. While sometimes I like a dramatic eye look, I've found that lately I'm wearing a lot less heavy make-up. I've recently rekindled my love affair with Maybelline Great Lash Mascara, the first mascara I ever bought at the recommendation of Cindy Crawford on MTV's House of Style when I was a kid. 

2. Moisturizer is always a tricky one for me. If it's too heavy, I break out, but I also have really dry skin. Lately, my favourite is Avene Hydrance Optimale Rich. I use it day and night when I'm not slathering serums or oils on my face. It's light enough to wear under make-up and primers, but hefty enough to moisturise dry skin.

3. I rarely use hairspray, but now and then you need a little to keep things in place. I'm loving Loreal Elnett Satin Hold these days! It's cheap, smells good and does the job without making my hair sticky or hard! 

4. Avene Thermal Water Spray is an absolute miracle product! Not only does it cool you down when it's hot outside, but it also soothes any irritation and it's good for the skin. I like to use it after exfoliating or if I have a breakout, but it also helps soothe sunburns too. 

5. When it comes to bathing, I'm spoiled. You'll rarely ever see me using soap you can buy in a grocery store. I love quality shower gels and soaps that smell wonderful and don't dry out my skin. I try to buy all natural bathing products when possible. My new favourite is Korres Basil Lemon Fresh Tones Shower Gel. It's super refreshing, smells delicious, the packaging is nice and it doesn't irritate or dry out my skin. I'm looking forward to trying some other Korres products in the future!

What products are you using right now that you just can't live without?



  1. Love beauty posts like this! I like the Cover Girl mascara in the orange tube. I think it's called Lash Blast. I'm with you on the expensive ones!

  2. LOVE that you discovered Great Lash on House of Style! I was a devoted fan of that mascara for years, until I got my hands on a sample of Benefit Faux Real mascara. Seriously the BEST ever - if a bit more expensive than the Maybelline. But totally worth it! Also obsessed with Dr. Jart+ BB creams at the moment, which typically they only sell in the States but I found a Boots which was randomly stocking them. Total score.

  3. Hands down, Great Lash from Maybelline, BEST mascara around! LOVE it!



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