Friday, July 20, 2012

Beauty Wishlist: The Blues

When two major fashion houses launch similar beauty products in one week, it's time we all sit up and pay attention! A beauty trend is afoot ladies and I have to say I'm on board! 

Chanel is launching the Blue Illusion Make-up Collection and news broke around the same time as the launch of the YSL Facebook Palette. I think it's safe to say that blue eyeshadow is back ladies, but this time it's a bit more sophisticated than the Smurf blue we're all embarrassed to admit we wore in the 80's!

While I can't approve of wearing blue eyeliner, eyeshadow and nail polish at the same time, I do think in moderation, icy and navy shades can be a perfect pop of colour in your beauty arsenal and I'm keen to get my hands on a few of these products!

What do you think of the blues make-up trend? 



  1. I'm still not sure about this trend to be honest! While I love a good blue nail polish, or perhaps even a hint of blue eyeliner, I don't think blue eyeshadow is the most flattering of choices. Just personal opinion however - I'm sure the catwalks will prove me wrong!

    1. It's definitely not for everyone, that's for sure! I think you have to do it just right and have the right balance. A bit of blue eyeshadow with some browns as well can be very pretty and really make blue eyes shine, but it's still taking a bit of a risk. Thanks for the comment lovely! xx

  2. I agree! It has to be balanced right ..maybe anchored with liner. Looks pretty in the palette though lol!

    1. Thanks for your comment! I love a great blue eyeliner too! xx


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