Friday, July 20, 2012

Daily Style July 20, 2012: Office Shorts

  1. Etro Printed Silk-chiffon Pussy-bow blouse
  2. Stella McCartney High-rise Wool-twill Shorts
  3. Banana Republic Falling Leaf Earrings
  4. Victoria Beckham Structured Leather Tote
  5. Guisseppe Zanotti Bow Detail Pumps

Shorts in the office are becoming increasingly popular, though I think a lot of people are still unsure of how to wear this trend while still remaining professional and appropriate. There are a few easy rules to remember to help you wear this trend to work:

  1. Make sure your shorts are made of an appropriate fabric and have a reasonably formal cut. It's safe to assume that if they look like a shortened version of the trousers you'd normally wear to the office and they're longer than your finger tips with your hands at your side, that they're perfect for work!
  2. Cover up on top with a fabulous blouse or oxford shirt. Adding a jacket can only make the look even more professional.
  3. Wear work-appropriate shoes. Go for heels rather than rolling in with flip-flops or flats. It dresses up the look even more.
  4. Add even more structure to your look with a sturdy, professional looking bag.
Would you or do you wear shorts to your workplace? 

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  1. I love these shorts. I don't think I could get away with them where I work sadly but they would be a great summer office alternative to skirts and dresses. x


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