Monday, July 30, 2012

Daily Style July 30, 2012: What's Your Statement on Statement Jewellery?

  1. Dorothy Perkins Beige Dress 
  2. Marni Necklace
  3. Hobbs Juliet Platform Courts
  4. J. Crew Bubble Earrings
  5. DKNY Saffiano Work Large Shopper

Remember in the 90's when black jewellery was all the rage? Well, it's not super trendy at the moment, but it is making a comeback and it's now acceptable to wear a black statement necklace and earrings again!

I've heard a few people on Twitter saying they're over the statement jewellery trend. What do you think? The bigger the better or less is more?


  1. Personally, statement jewelry has never been a trend for me, but a signature style. Growing up in Texas definitely influenced my desire for big jewels. We Texas girls have been wearing huge rocks for decades - with blue jeans, church frocks and cocktail dresses. All the rest of the ladies across the country can move on to tiny pieces, but this glamour girl will always prefer large gems and what the fashion industry now calls 'statement jewelry'.

    1. I love a girl with signature style! I'm actually a fan of both - I might wear a massive chain statement necklace one day and a dainty pendant the next... It's all about mood with me. In terms of gems, I'm probably more of a less is more gal, but I love it when people rock massive diamonds, etc. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! xo


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