Sunday, July 8, 2012

Fabulous Fun Bracelets From Jewellery by Jacx

I've been tweeting with Jacqui Fisher of Jewellery by Jacx for quite a while and this weekend I got the opportunity to see some of her jewellery first hand. The beaded friendship bracelets Jacqui sells are a must-have for your arm party and at only £10.99 each, they're a bargain!

The bracelets come in a wide variety of fun colours as well as black! I stacked up a few to see how they'd look and I think it's fab! These adorable little bracelets would be great party favours for your teen's birthday party or handy to have a few around for last minute gifts when you're not prepared!

I also really love the closures on the bracelets - a bead that slips through a loop. Each bracelet has a bit of heft to it - they're not flimsy at all and really sturdy!

Jacqui makes lots of other types of jewellery and can also do made-to-order pieces. Check out here website and don't forget to follow her on Twitter!

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