Thursday, July 5, 2012

My Flashtrash DIY Friendship Bracelets

When I saw these DIY Friendship Bracelet Kits I just knew I had to make one! Friendship bracelets are very on-trend at the moment and the perfect addition to your arm party! They're even cuter when you add a charm or two and what's great is that you can always cut the charm off and make a new style anytime you like!

All you need are 3 or more colours of embroidery thread, a pair of scissors, a flat surface (I used a wooden chair), a charm (optional) and some tape.

The Flashtrash DIY Kits come in a few different colour combos and they're really convenient if you can't be bothered to hit your local craft store, however if you already have some thread at home, you can totally use that and just order some cute charms from Flashtrash!

I made my first bracelet using a kit and a charm from Flashtrash as well as the tutorial they provide on YouTube.

Making a friendship bracelet is a lot easier than it looks and not terribly time consuming. It takes about an hour or maybe a little more to make one. 

Here are the steps:

1. Start by taping 4 strands of thread to a flat surface. The strands need to be about the length of a legal size sheet of paper or A4 if you're in the UK.

 *** Make sure to leave enough slack on either side of the bracelet to tie it on your wrist***

2. Keep the strands separate - they should be in the order from the left that you'd like the colours to appear on the bracelet.

3. Start from the left and wrap the left-most thread around the one beside it and knot. Do this twice and then repeat on the other 2 threads until the thread you're using ends up on the right side.

5. To use charms on the bracelet, measure your wrist with a measuring tape and figure out how far apart each charm should be to keep it even, or if you're only using one, put it in the middle. For example, my wrist is 7 inches, so I incorporated one charm at the 3 1/2 inch mark on the bracelet.

When I finished the pink bracelet using the kit and YouTube tutorial, I decided to make another bracelet the way I made them as a kid using some thread I already had and the Mexican Skull Charm from Flashtrash.

This wrap style of friendship bracelet is even easier to make. Use as many threads and colours as you like, but the more you use, the thicker it will be. I used 6 strands of a thicker, silkier type thread. Beware, it's very difficult to use silky thread as it's slipper and even though I managed it, it was nearly impossible to tie it around my wrist, but it turned out super pretty! Here's the method:

1. Choose 6 colours of thread and use one strand of each. Use long strands - approximately the length of 2 sheets of paper - you may have extra, but it's better if it's too long than too short. If you choose to do only one colour, that colour of strand will need to be super long.

2. Leave enough length at the end for tying around the wrist and start with a knot. Then tape the length to a flat surface. 

3. Take 1 strand of thread and repeatedly knot it around the others. It will spiral on its own. 

4. Measure by counting the rungs created by the knots. I decided to make each section 4 rungs long and since I used 6 colours, I did 6 sections, but you can do this however you like.

5. I incorporated a charm in this bracelet, so I placed the charm directly in the centre, after the 3rd section. 

Here's the end result:

My own little homemade arm party!

If you'd like to make your own friendship bracelets, the Flashtrash kits are only £6.50 and the Mexican Skull Charms are £0.75 each! It's endless fun and a great activity for girly nights in with cocktails or just something to do with your hands while you're watching telly!


  1. OMG! Amazing, I'm just making my own charm anklet...nowhere near as exciting as these badboys! xx

    1. How fun! When you've finished your anklet, feel free to post a photo on the Pink Julep Facebook page! xo


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