Thursday, July 26, 2012

Kiehl's Cryste Marine Firming Eye Treatment

Eye creams are one of those things that I just don't know about - I know I need one and I use them regularly, but whether or not it's working? Sometimes it's hard to tell!

Here's what I do know though... Not all eye creams are created equal. Some are gels, some are thick, some are thin and some are oily. Finding the right formula is important because in my experience, some of them tend to run and get into your eyes, which is very unpleasant.

There are a few things about Kiehl's Cryste Marine Firming Eye Treatment that I really love. Firstly, it is thick and a bit stubborn - there is no chance of it budging from where it's applied, so I often wear it under my make-up with no fear of it running into my eyes or ruining my look. Also, it has a bit of a smell, but it doesn't stink and it's not perfumy. Once applied, I can't smell it, which is great. I hate to feel like I'm rubbing loads of perfumed chemicals on my face and there's nothing worse than a stinky cream for your face that lingers with you all day... Yuck!

In terms of results, I've actually been able to tell a difference in the area around my eyes since I started using this product only a few weeks ago. My eye skin has started to feel a little loose recently and I have started to notice the beginning stages of crowds feet. This product has made the skin around my eyes quite a bit firmer while still keeping it soft and smooth. For £34.50, it's a bonafide miracle and it looks like it's going to last for quite some time.

What eye creams are you loving right now?



  1. So pretty! All looks really great!

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    ox from NYC!



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