Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Sushilla Jewellery

  1. Esme Earrings
  2. Julep Bracelet
  3. Daisy Ring
  4. Candy Pear Ring
  5. Jasmine Earrings

I was introduced to the beautiful Sushilla jewellery a few months ago at an event having never heard of the brand before and I fell in love. The pieces are so natural, vibrant and beautiful. Each design is a little funky and unique, making it the perfect choice for fashionistas who want something different from the norm. The eponymous brand's namesake Sushilla Done sources all the semi-precious stones herself, making each piece even more special. I love all the pieces, but to be honest, they had me at pink Julep Bracelet



  1. Thank you Ashley!! And yes the Pink Julep really does have your name on it :)

  2. Gorgeous! Love these, especially the candy pear ring.



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