Monday, July 23, 2012

Teen Choice Awards 2012 Best & Worst Dressed

  1. For me, Gwen Stefani was the best dressed at last night's Teen Choice Awards! She proved that her teen idol status is just as boss as it was when I was in high school and that great style is sometimes achieved with bright red lips, minimal flourish and a whole lotta sleek leather! 
  2. Kristen Stewart is a very close second! Her classic, but cool blazer over leather leggings is perfectly appropriate for the event and very rock-n-roll cool. I also loved her little side braid - she does no wrong on the red pink carpet as far as I'm concerned from the top of her messy haired head to the pointy toe of her of-the-moment pumps.
  3. Portia de Rossi's teen choices are far behind her, however she keeps her look young and fresh with a sleek shorts and strappy heels... Perfection!
  4. I'm not normally a big fan of Selena Gomez, fashionably speaking or otherwise, but she killed it on the pink carpet in a neon pink frock, minimal accessories and pretty sandals. It's age-appropriate, simple and fun - everything one hopes to see on the pink carpet at the Teen Choice Awards!
  5. Nina Dobrev is undeniably gorgeous - she makes any dress look amazing, including this turquoise J. Mendel frock. She would be my first choice of best dressed if it didn't look like she's trying too hard - though I love the dress, it seems a bit overkill for the Teen Choice Awards, but she still looked beautiful.

  1. Oh Ashley Benson, I'm really disappointed! The caption of this photo should read "When Good Girls Go Wrong." Ashley is a beautiful girl with a lovely figure, but the bustier top on this jumpsuit is TOO TIGHT, the belt is all wrong and the rolled up trousers cut her legs in half. If I were her mother, I'd have told her she couldn't leave the house in this horrible get-up... It's just all wrong. Shame.
  2. Jordan Sparks looked like she was headed to the prom rather than an awards ceremony. A million girls would kill for Jordan's figure, but it's important for all of us to accentuate the positive... This dress doesn't do her any favours, not to mention it looks cheap and dated. And who told her to wear those purple shoes? Fail.
  3. Jojo is very beautiful, but again, I can't stress enough the importance of fit and cut. She looks like she got lost on the way to a Jersey Shore audition... There's a fine line between sexy cool and trashy.
  4. At first, Lea Michelle looks fine - great even, but upon closer inspection this look just annoys me. She looks like the hipper, cooler younger sister of Glenda the Good Witch (not a compliment) and I just feel like we've seen this look on her before. It just annoys me in a Staypuff the Marshmallow Man on the pink carpet sort of way.
  5. Normally I would absolutely love Cat Dealy's casual cool look, but there's something horribly wrong here. The silver pants are all wrinkled at the bottom and they don't seem to fit quite right anywhere else either. If you're going to wear metallic silver trousers, they better fit like a glove or it's like a bright shiny reminder that you didn't make time to visit your tailor.

Who were your picks for best and worst dressed at the Teen Choice Awards last night?


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