Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Book Review: Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

I have been a bit of a book worm lately... I read 3 books last week alone! This is partially due to having picked up Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn after hearing so much about it on Twitter. Once I started reading it, I simply could not put it down. I would compare it to staring at a car crash... I just couldn't look away from the cray cray in this book and even when I did, I dreamed about it. It's seriously engrossing and creepy in a way that makes you question what people can really be capable of.

Gone Girl is the story of Nick and Amy, the seemingly perfect couple until Amy goes missing one morning. Told from the point of view of both characters alternating each chapter, the story very quickly becomes complicated and drags you in kicking and screaming until you literally don't know what's up, what's down or how you'll ever get any sleep if you put down the book. The premise of Gone Girl is that you may not truly know the person you've married as much as you think you do.

What particularly grabbed me about this story is that Nick and Amy have characteristics that most of us probably have. Nick is a poor listener and doesn't remember key things his wife thinks he should. He's slightly careless when it comes to the day-to-day. Amy is meticulous. She gets things right, remembers everything and is always at the charge, making sure things get done in a correct and timely fashion. Very, very gradually, these characters are revealed to have deeper traits and before you know it, they're not just like most of us... They're special in a way that will make you loose sleep. 

I won't say anything else because I don't want to give it away, but if you love a good psychological thriller (this book is more psychological than thrilling), then I'd definitely recommend Gone Girl. It's a quick, interesting read that will have you thinking about it for a week after, trying to decipher what makes someone the way they are.


While I was reading Gone Girl, I had Spotify on (as usual) and found that the effects are actually amplified by the easy-going, love songs I usually listen to while I read. It actually occurred to me while listening to Adele's version of To Make You Feel My Love. It's downright creepy actually, so here's the perfect playlist to listen to while you're reading!



  1. I keep hearing about this book. I think I will read it next.

    1. Let me know what you think of it once you've finished it! x


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