Monday, August 6, 2012

Modern Tweed

This Autumn, tweed is stepping up to the fashion plate with a new, modern look that is much more fun and forward than granny chic! With everything from shoes & accessories to t-shirts, shorts and mini skirts, there is literally a tweed piece for everyone. I love the heritage and tradition behind tweed, but I'll be the first to admit that the traditional tweed suit doesn't really fit in with my day-to-day style aesthetic.

Just one thing to remember when you're sporting tweed: it can be quite bulky, so wear it on the more flattering part of your body that you're comfortable drawing attention to. If you feel a little bottom heavy, try a tweed jacket with your favorite jeans or a slim black skirt. If you prefer to minimize on top, try pairing a tweed skirt with a white button-down skirt and a statement necklace. However if a tweed dress is your fancy, go for a waste-cinching style, perhaps with a contrasting belt - it will be more flattering all over!

Are you a fan of tweed? What is your favorite way to wear it?

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