Thursday, September 6, 2012

Cool Mom Style

A few times recently I've been approached by mothers who want to dress cool without compromising comfort, functionality or dignity. Mamma's need to be able to walk in their shoes, fit everything but the kitchen sink into their bags and not look like a floozy while doing the school run. I'm not a mother, but I imagine like anyone else, mom's are busy and because they're constantly looking after someone besides themselves, they need getting dressed in the morning to be as hassle-free as possible.

Several mom's have said that the hardest part of dressing cute is the shoes - they need to be able to balance a toddler, chase after kiddo's and walk with ease and comfort. Well, that makes me think that dressing as a hot mamma isn't much different than dressing as a Londoner who carries loads, walks everywhere and has to battle the weather at all times.

Using the 16 pieces in the collage above, here are 8 looks that are easily put together and look great for any occasion on your calendar.

Look #1
A simple cotton dress with tights and riding boots is always chic. The boots are flat, so super comfy and throwing a statement necklace on with this simple dress makes it look like you put a lot of thought into your look. Whether you're a mom or just a busy girl on the go, a chic tote is great! Throw in diapers or a laptop... or both! You're all set and super cute!

Look #2
We all have times when we need to be somewhere, whether it's work or cocktails and we're just not feeling 'the dress.' Don't sweat it! A cowl neck sweater in a hot seasonal color like mustard for Fall can be equally chic when paired with sexy metallic accessories and a pair of chic, black skinny pants! Heels complete the look, but go for a pair with a wider heel and rounder toe for ultimate comfort. If you just can't bare it, that's okay - a cute pair of flats or wedges will work too!

Look #3
Got a meeting at the office, an appointment with your accountant or a PTA fundraiser? You can still be chic without sacrificing comfort or function. Put on a structured shift dress in a bright color with a blazer, a statement necklace, black tights and your sensible heels. No worries about your luggage - the big black tote works well with this look!

Look #4
Your super casual cotton dress is instantly transformed with the addition of a blazer and heels. The bonus is that it's still just as comfortable as it was before!

Look #5
Dinner date, wedding or charity function? No worries! You've got your bright shift dress - up the glam factor with a metallic clutch and you're all set.

Look #6
A slinky white blouse with a blazer, black skinny pants, heels and a clutch is a sexy, effortless look for pretty much any occasion.

Look #7
Skinny jeans and a great sweater is the perfect day-to-day look for anyone. Tuck your jeans into a cute pair of suede booties and you're not only super chic, but you're also on-trend for Autumn!

Look #8
A guy once said to me that there's nothing sexier than a woman in a white shirt and jeans. I agree. When you're keeping it casual, don't be afraid to keep it simple - you seriously can't go wrong! If your jeans are a dark wash, they're a bit more dressy so they'll work for you even more.

Once you've got your basics down pat, don't get bored. Start experimenting a little (when you have time of course). Add a belt here and there or treat yourself to a bright blouse! A color pop accessory like a statement necklace, a jewel tone bag or a scarf always works as well. If you're feeling really sassy, invest in a pair of red heels or boots. Once your foundation is set, it's very hard to mess up.

I would love to hear from all you mothers out there about your day-to-day ensembles! What's your go-to look?

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