Monday, September 10, 2012

Manicure Monday: Bestival Nails

For Bestival, I wanted really fun nails and since I'm a nail polish junky, it wasn't hard. I just used things I already had in my nail products basket including:

  1. BarryM Neon Yellow
  2. BarryM Neon Pink (My favorite!!!)
  3. BarryM Glitter 
  4. Andrea Fullerton Skull & Crossbone Nail Tattoos 

When I went to do my nails, a terrible tragedy happened - my trusty BarryM Base & Top Coat was broken and all dried up. I didn't have time to run out for a new one so I quickly entrusted the advice of the Twitterverse and found out that it's totally fine to use my spare topcoat for both base and topcoat. Twitter sure is handy sometimes!

What color are you wearing this week?

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