Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Packing for Bestival

I'm pretty much all packed for my trip to Bestival with Echo Falls and a fabulous group of fellow bloggers on Friday and I must admit, I'm getting pretty excited!

I thought I'd share my suggestions for what to pack for a festival. It's no easy task. You're not just going to look great, party and enjoy the music - you're also camping in a field, so there are a lot of must-haves to consider.

The Basic Essentials

  1. Tickets & ID - you can't get in without them. You'll not only have your tickets to the action, but also train tickets, ferry tickets, shuttle bus tickets and of course you'll need some form of valid identification to enter. Keep them in a safe place and it's not a bad idea to keep them on your person at all times, just to be on the safe side.
  2. The Bag - A rucksack is best as you may be walking for a while before you reach your campsite. You can fit loads in it, tie things onto the outside and it's quite simply built for camping with gadgets and spare pockets. Not only that, but you can get a rucksack for fairly cheap at places like Mountain Warehouse and it's something you're certain to use again sometime!
  3. First Aid Kit - I made my own with things I had lying around. You don't need much as there will be first aid stations at the festival, but a few essentials might make your experience a bit more bearable such as Barocca, antihistamines, headache tablets, eye drops, liquid bandage, plasters (or bandaids as they're called in the USA), sunscreen and any other medication you require regularly. If you wear contacts, don't forget saline solution, a case, a spare pair of lenses and your glasses.
  4. Air Freshener - Okay, so you don't really need this, but I saw it and couldn't resist! People always say how stinky festivals are, so perhaps a small air freshener might spruce up the tent!
  5. Beverages - I've heard that drinks are expensive, but carrying liquids is heavy so this part of the journey requires thought & planning. However you plan your party, be sure to drink responsibly and hydrate. Nothing sounds worse than a wicked hangover in a place where there's no peace & quiet or a bed to be found!
  6. Essentials - Ear plugs & eye masks can come in handy. It's loud & bright, or so I've heard.
  7. Hygiene - Just because showers are few and far between doesn't mean you have to be dirty. Dry shampoo, hand sanitizer, wet wipes, toothbrush & toothpaste, mouthwash and deodorant will help keep you clean and from stinking up the place!
  8. Lights - Finding your tent in the dark might be tricky without some flashlights. I like the ones you can crank or wind up to charge the battery.
  9. Entertainment - This might sound crazy, but you need some entertainment. You could be waiting in queues for busses for ages and you'll be traveling. Not to mention that there could be moments of downtime when you're not into the music. Pack a book and put some music or even something to watch on your phone. Better safe than bored. I'm taking Fifty Shades of Grey I think.
The Look

  1. Tops - Bestival is famous for being a themed music festival where people dress up and wear costumes. I'm not wearing a costume, but I picked up 5 or 6 wildlife inspired tops from Topshop & River Island that I'll wear with mini skirts or leggings. Job done.
  2. Waterproof Jacket - I have this Northface Baker Jacket Deluxe from skiing last year. Without a fleece underneath and the fur removed, it's not too warm, but it's cute and very functional with pockets all over. I'm also bringing a fleece to sleep in at night and just in case of freakishly cold weather that will fit right underneath.
  3. Jumper - This hoody is from Topshop and I love it. I'm sure it will keep me comfortable throughout the festival - I can literally throw it on over anything in my bag.
  4. Tights - I will probably wear tights the entire weekend because that's what I'm comfortable in. I'm very excited to rock my new Wolford Animalia Tights - they're perfect for the theme! I've seen a lot of tweets about tights disasters, so I made sure to pack plenty - I think it's important to be prepared!
  5. Footwear - This is a tough one. I've chosen to take 2 pairs of wellies, a pair of black leather booties and my Converse trainers. I think I'll be okay with these and plenty of socks in all shapes, colors and sizes!
  6. Glow Stick Bracelets - A must-have for late night rocking and dancing to the DJ's!
  7. Beauty - All I can say is glitter, glitter and more glitter with a touch of face paint and some fun eyeshadow! It's a festival, so be festive! 
Be sure to follow along on Twitter and Instagram at @pinkjulep for updates during Bestival! It's going to be a blast I'm sure and I'll be sharing as will my fellow campers using the hashtag #echofallsbestival, so check that out as well!


  1. That looks like the PERFECT Bestival kit! My friends are all going this year and I wasn't able to :-/ Next year definitely!!!

    Hope you have an awesome time :D

    1. Thank you! So sorry to hear you aren't able to go this year... Did you know they're live streaming it on YouTube? Check out the news section of the website for more details as I saw it on Twitter and I'm not sure which parts are being streamed. xx


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