Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Best of Bestival Play List

Phew! It's hard enough to wrap your head around new music when you're just going to a concert with two or three acts, but festivals have so much choice that I've been weeding through songs and bands for weeks to put together this playlist of my picks for the Best of Bestival! If you're off to Bestival this weekend, here's a crash course in what you might expect to hear when you get there. If you're not heading to the Isle of Wight this weekend, check out the playlist anyway for some familiar tunes and some new songs you've never heard - they're all good and personally selected by me!

This will be the soundtrack of my weekend, dedicated to all my fellow wild ones attending Bestival with Echo Falls! Listen with me, sing along and tell me which new songs you discover and love! Oh, and don't forget to put it on shuffle!



  1. Some great choices! I was round my friends' tonight who are all off to Besti tomorrow, so sad I can't go, the line up is awesome! It's probably a good thing though because New Order, Stevie Wonder and Chas and Dave all in one weekend would blow my mind!

    Have an amazing time!

    1. Shame you can't make it! :-( I'm really looking forward to it - will be my first ever festival! x


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