Friday, September 28, 2012

The Paris Diaries: Day 2

Our hotel flat is located in Monmartre, a lovely little area in the Northern part of Paris. We are walking distance from the Red Light District where The Moulin Rouge is so on our 2nd day in Paris, we decided to stick close to our home away from home and explore the area.

The Moulin Rouge is surrounded by funny little sex shops and strip clubs so the area isn't the greatest, but we had to have a look... We haven't seen a show there yet and for a minimum of €95 per person, we'll probably skip it this trip.

Regardless of where or how we travel through the city, when we're making our way back to the flat, this is always the view on our walk... It's breathtaking!

In our little spot of Paris, there is a butcher across the street or as they say in French, a Boucherie. He wanted to pose for a photo - how could I say no?

On the continent, Diet Coke is Coca-Cola Light. To me it tastes different and I'm not really a fan. Also, soda is so expensive here it's easy to pass on it. It's actually cheaper in most places to drink wine than a Coke... I could get used to that!

We have a little kitchen in our flat so on the 2nd day we went to some of the markets in the area to pick up some food. Every morning my husband goes to the bakery down the block and buys a fresh baguette that we have for breakfast. It's heavenly!

I've also discovered something else amazing - gigantic macaroons! Most places in Paris (including Laduree) seem to have the regular sized ones as well as big ones the size of Moon Pies or whoopy pies. They're amazing!

In case you were wondering, the Jolly Green Giant is a live and well and living in Paris where he goes by Geant Vert! hahaha

We have a lovely view of a lively restaurant next door so we've been spending most evenings in with the windows open reading books. It's very relaxing.

My bedside table is properly stocked with plenty of reading material for the holiday...

The first book I read here was Two Lipsticks and a Lover which I'd started in London. I've just recently finished it, so you can expect a review very soon!


  1. Cannot wait to hear more about the books you have been working on, hope you will rec'd some of them to us! xo

  2. What a wonderful holiday! I am planning to go to London & Paris in the early Summer next year. Thanks for letting us live vicariously!

    1. You will have a wonderful time - if you have any questions, get in touch! x

  3. Great pictures! What a great place to spend your holiday! Can't wait for the book review!


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